NAME                              : Mr. Jananandh Vyithelingam


QUALIFICATION        : B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Informatics 

                                                Master in Bussiness Administration (MBA)


CAREER SUMMARY 2009   - Present  Training Manager :  Visualogic Resources (M) S/B

                                               1999   -  2009       Systems Manager :  Manfield Development S/B

                                               1998   - 1999        Programmer        :   Visualogic Resources (M) S/B 

                                               1995   - 1998        Application Consultant : Mejati Spektrum S/B




                                    Mr Jana graduated from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

      with a B.Sc (Honours) degree in Informatics in 1995. He obtained his Master in Business

      Administration from the University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2009.


                                    He started his career with Mejati Spektrum Sdn Bhd as an Application

      Consultant in 1995. His main responsibility was to implement and support the entire Bus

      Ticketing Systems i.e. from the front end which is the driver, right to the back-end reporting

      systems. He was given an important role in supporting Mejati’s largest customer, Mara

      Holdings Berhad, apart from other customers all over Malaysia. Apart from this, he was also

      acting as Project Manager in Mejati responsible for managing Government Tender IT projects

      in hardware and software implementation, among them was the Land and Cooperative

      Development Ministry (KTPK) and the Survey and Mapping Department (JUPEM) back in


                                    Mr. Jana’s encounter with AS/400 came in 1998 when he joined

      Visualogic Resources Sdn Bhd as Trainee Programmer for RPG/400. Upon completion of the

      training, he was contracted to Advantage Business Software (ABS) Sdn Bhd (later known as

      Infinium Sdn. Bhd.) as Programmer. His role was to code new programs, modify programs,

      test, implement and support the Infinium ERP systems, which ABS was the sole

      representative in Malaysia. He had worked with clients such as Nestle Bhd, RHB Bank,

      Perwaja Steel and Credit Corporation Malaysia. He had also worked on some RPG IV ILE

      programs and wrote interface programs for Silverlake and BPCS systems.


                                    In 1999, Mr. Jana joined Manfield Development Sdn Bhd as a Systems

      Manager. His main tasks were to manage the IT systems and new IT projects that Manfield

      were involved. He was also seconded to Northern Utility Resources (NUR) Sdn Bhd, a green-

      field power utility in Kulim High Tech Park, Kedah as the MIS Project Manager. His main role

      was to act as the Owner Representative for Manfield (a shareholder in NUR) during the

      power plant project construction and implementation stage, which include implementing the

      IT systems from scratch. This is where Mr. Jana had his hands in the various system

      implementation phases for systems such as Finance, Human Resource, Payroll, Document

      Management and Business Information. He was also involved with the turnkey contractor’s

      project team in overseeing the implementation of the technical systems such as the Power

      Generation Control, Power Distribution (include SCADA and Automated Meter Reading),

      Customer Management, Billing and Communications (PABX and Networking). He was also

      responsible for setting up NUR’s IT department, staff recruitment and creating the IT

      processes. Apart from IT, Mr. Jana was also involved with the business aspects in NUR which

      include monitoring the project progress and sitting in various important committees whose

      members are the shareholders and senior management of NUR. Mr. Jana was also briefly

      involved in Manfield’s sister company, Malaysian Exim Development Sdn Bhd responsible in

      sourcing for a water utility project. His role is to advise on IT requirements for the water

      utility, and be involved in the project implementation in the event the project is awarded.


                                    Mr. Jana had rejoined Visualogic in 2009 as the Training Manager. His

      role is to manage the training business and conduct trainings for the company. He is a

      Certified Trainer by PSMB, and currently an AS/400 Trainer for Visualogic’s clients.