As the leading IBM iSeries/AS/400 Training Provider, we have offer technical training to corporate sector and many of IBM customers throughout Malaysia since 1995. With our experiences, we offer our client the competitive advantage of high quality and effective training on the IBM iSeries/ AS/400. Our instructors are IBM iSeries & AS/400 Certified and have many years of experience as a Systems Engineer and Technical Support Specialist in the IBM midrange and IBM iSeries.

We recognize that every company is different, and each IT department is unique. The same applications or software may be used, but the way in which the resources are configured to solve business problems can differ from one customer to another. As a result, the most effective training you could provide to members of IT Staff consists of information tailored to the success of your development needs. At VISUALOGIC Resources, we can customize training programs for your department focusing on your needs and thus increasing the overall effectiveness of the training. We are also conducting standard training programs on the iSeries/ AS/400 as per listed below.

Our Standard Courses on iSeries/AS400

The current standard courses conducted by us are as per given below. We will be glad to furnish you with more details on the costs and the training schedule for these courses.