COURSE : RPG IV Programming WIth ILE - (M025) 



  • The course is designed to introduce the participant to the RPG IV language with its advanced features and the basic concepts of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE).

  • RPG IV features such as expressions, date, time and functions will be discussed in depth.

  • ILE features such as module creation, binding, running and debugging of programs and work management topics like activation groups will also be discussed.

  • The intention is to explain the advantages of RPG IV and ILE and provide the participant with the skill to use this new language in the work environment.



  • Having attended the RPG/400 programming course. Those without RPG/400 knowledge are highly advised to acquire it before attending this course, or please contact us for advice on the options available.

  • Having knowledge and experience in programming and its concepts.



  • This course is designed for AS/400 application programmers and AS/400 application developers with RPG/400 experience.



  • Basic introduction to the RPG IV language and the Integrated Language Environment (ILE).

  • Describe what OPM & EPM are and what the differences are compared to ILE.

  • Describe the benefits of using basic Integrated Language Environment features.

  • Describe and list the benefits of the RPG IV language over previous versions of RPG.

  • Understand the new RPG IV specifications and its advantages over previous versions of RPG.

  • Code and compile RPG IV programs using some new features of the language, such as: new format of specifications, new Data definition functions, date and time data types and duration support expressions.

  • Understanding the use of built-in functions (BIFs) in RPG IV and applying them during the programming labs.

  • Describe module creation, binding, running and debugging.

  • Create ILE objects, such as programs, binding directory and create modules.

  • Do binding, such as Dynamic and Static binding.

  • Create a service program from RPG modules and call procedures in that service program from an ILE application.

  • Migrate application programs from RPG/400 to RPG IV using the migration aid.

  • Use the basic functions of the RPG IV and ILE source debugging.