Integrated Language Environment (ILE)

COURSE : Integrated Language Environment (ILE) - (M027)




  • The course is designed to introduce the participant to the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) and its concepts.

  • Features such as module creation, binding, running and debugging of programs and work management topics like activation groups will be discussed.

  • The intention is to explain the advantages of ILE and provide the participant with the skill to use it in the work environment.



  • Having attended the RPG IV programming course. Participants without RPG IV knowledge but have other programming languages such as COBOL or CL may attend for knowledge, but please note that the course is highly based on RPG IV programming concepts.

  • Having knowledge and experience in programming and its concepts.



    • This course is designed for AS/400 application programmers and AS/400 application developers.



  • Explore and describe the Integrated Language Environment

  • Describe what OPM & EPM are and what the differences are compared to ILE

  • Describe the benefits of using basic Integrated Language Environment features

  • Describe module creation, binding, running and debugging

  • Create ILE objects, such as programs, binding directory and create modules

  • Do binding, such as Dynamic and Static binding

  • Create a service program from RPG modules and call procedures in that service program from an ILE application

  • Use the basic functions of the ILE source debugging.