Control Language Programming (CL)

COURSE : Control Language Programming - (M018)


OBJECTIVE:  Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to write interactive and batch CL programs that incorporate the following:

  • Execution of a sequence of high level language applications programs
  • Automatic handling of exceptions, errors and inquiry messages interrogation and changing of job attributes and system values 
  • Conditional execution and branching within a CL program Arithmetic and logic operations
  • Execution time prompting of users within a CL program data areas and data queues to communicate among jobs on the systems
  • Message communication between users and programs
  • Use Interactive Source Debugger to debug programs
  • Create user defined commands to run applications
  • Write your own utility programs to handle repetitive and one time system control and management tasks
  • Write never ending batch programs that become active when work arrives
  • Describe the parameters on the CRTCLPGM command and the parts of a Control Language compile listing 


PREREQUISITES : Participants should be able to :

  • Perform basic system operations such as using PDM, SEU, managing libraries and library lists and displaying spooled output on a workstation
  • Send and receive message code (DDS) and create simple physical, logical and display files
  • Enter, compile and run a CL progams, given the sources for the program
  • Describe the diffrerent between an interactive and batch job
  • Use the submit job (SBMJOB) command
  • Describe the following AS/400 object types: job description, job queue, output queue and library

This knowledge may be obtained by attending the following courses:

  • M012- Implementation
  • M016- Work &  System Management



  • Upgrade users to AS/400 from the IBM mid-range System/3X series
  • Programmers, system programmers and administrators whose job requires them to write CL/400 programs



Write CL programs to perform various system and application control functions. Write intermediate level interactive and batch CL programs, user commands and CL porgrams that functions as user tools (programs that user used the output of display commands  as input)