Our Strategic Vision

"Behind the Impact"


We envision a new world of professional services - one of great challenge and equally great opportunity with regard to the increasing sophistication of the needs of our discerning clients.

Our approach to software development is based on some of the most reliable, effective and globally accepted methodologies in the industry today. We adopt a configurable software development process that is based on many years of experience in using object technology to develop mission critical software in a variety of industries.

This methodology allows us to define a clear, repeatable process for quality software to be delivered to our customers on time, every time. Our processes are tailored to meet customer requirements and are aimed at delivered maximum, tangible value to them within determinable project boundaries of cost, schedule and effort. This methodology is supported by tools, which automate large parts of the process including visual modeling, requirements and change management as well as documentation and testing.

We start with Inception phase where we define the scope of the project and develop business case. We then proceed to the Elaboration stage where we plan project, specify features and baseline the architecture. At the Construction stage, we build the product with close attention to the details outlined at the elaboration stage. At the Transition stage, transition of the product to the users will take place and then be followed with the project signoff and handover.