Dear Customers,

Welcome to VISUALOGIC, a leading independent iSeries partner serving various clients within Malaysia. Our project managers, consultants, designers, and developers provide all the IBM Application and business services and solutions to get the most complicated jobs done right.


At VISUALOGIC, we pride ourselves on our service and our commitment to:

  • Deliver high quality solutions for our clients.
  • Provide custom designs for our clients specific needs.
  • Build meaningful value for our clients and show them return on investment.

These ideas and hard work have allowed VISUALOGIC to grow steadily over the years and provide an increasingly diverse array of services. Our team excels in finding the right solutions to meet unique client goals, and then delivering on time as they make aggressive business moves. Our approach allows for innovation and we are now riding the wave of expansion and aimed to gain significant market presence.

Today, VISUALOGIC comprising of  talented and dedicated  business and technology professionals serving clients in Malaysia is here to assist you.  We help many companies, ranging from small business to multi-national corporations, take advantage of the latest and greatest in technology. Our customers are those who seek large, competitive advantage gains and increased operational efficiencies which empower them to be more responsive to the changing demands of an increasingly global, Internet-driven, and competitive marketplace.

We are here for you and ready to help. Please feel free to contact us



CEO / E-Business Strategist